Usman Masood



BS Computer Science and Engineering, MIT
Sept 2008–June 2012

Coursework heavily focused on systems and algorithms
GPA: 5.0/5.0

Teaching Assistant, Database Systems, MIT CSAIL
Feb 2012–June 2012

With Sam Madden and Mike Stonebraker


Software Engineer, Stripe
Jan 2017–Present

I'm working with the Treasury team to build out infrastructure that lets us accurately track all fund flows within the Stripe universe.

Chief Architect, PipelineDB
Sept 2014–Jan 2017

I was the Chief Architect at PipelineDB. My work included architecting and implementing all of our core technologies. Most of the work I did is open-source and can be found on their GitHub. Some of the things we built at PipelineDB were:

  • PipelineDB, a fork of PostgreSQL that runs SQL queries continuously on streaming data
  • pipeline_cluster, an extension for PipelineDB that adds high availability and horizontal scalability support
  • pipeline_kafka, an extension for PipelineDB that adds support for ingesting data from and producing data into Kafka
  • Stride, a real-time analytics API powered by PipelineDB. The system is implemented in Go, is fully containerized and runs on Mesos
Software Engineer III, GoDaddy
Sept 2013–Sept 2014

Locu got acquired by GoDaddy after which I started working there. Apart from the things I was already doing at Locu, most of the year was spent on migrating our infrastructure over to GoDaddy's private cloud. I was mostly involved in porting our users & payment management and analytics infrastructure to GD's stack.

Software Engineer, Locu
Aug 2012–Aug 2013

Being an early engineer at Locu, I wore a lot of different hats. Some of the things I worked on were:

  • Designed and implemented both v1 and v2 of Locu's Developer API. The technologies used included ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Celery and Redis
  • Accounts and payment management using Stripe and later GoDaddy's checkout cart service
  • Caching infrastructure for Locu's embeddable widgets, which are dynamically generated and so caching them was trickier than simply putting static data behind a CDN
  • Served as Head of Metrics and was responsible for ensuring we were on top of user and infrastructure metrics. I led the effort to build an open-source analytics stack called Chronology
Software Engineer Intern, Facebook
June 2010–Aug 2010

I worked in the Database Engineering team. During the internship, I made some improvements to HBase, including implementing async RPC support for their internal HBase fork. I hacked on HDFS and implemented file system snapshot support for it. I also made the prototype port of LinkBench from Java to C.

Software Development Engineer Intern, Microsoft
June 2010–Aug 2010

I worked on the Messenger Web Platform team. My work included server-side work for Messenger Chat, building developer widgets and adding Facebook OAuth support to it. I also made some improvements to Script#, a C# to JavaScript compiler, which was interally used by the team.

Tech Bits

  • Languages: Python, C, Go, JavaScript, Ruby
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, HBase
  • Infrastructure: Kafka, Docker, Mesos, Marathon, HAproxy, AWS